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How to stop billing charges for a SQL Azure database



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How to stop billing charges for a SQL Azure database

There is no way to suspend the state of a SQL Azure Database to avoid billing charges. You can suspend an Azure virtual machine and by doing that avoiding hourly charges, but you cannot to the same with a SQL Azure Database which is charged hourly per database as mentioned here.

The following are a few alternatives to reduce or stop charges:

bulletTo reduce charges, change the pricing tier of the SQL Azure Database to Basic.
bulletTo stop billing charges, export the SQL Azure Database to Azure storage (as explained here) and then delete the SQL Azure Database and restore it when needed.
bulletTo stop billing charges, delete your SQL Azure Database and later use point in-time restore to restore your database depending depending of the pricing tier associated with the database. Databases with pricing tier Basic can be restored within 7 about days after deleting it, while the retention period for Standard is 14 days and for the Premium pricing tier is currently 35 days.





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