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SQL Server 2012



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Microsoft SQL Server 2012

3 New Spatial Shapes.
SQL Server 2012 introduced 3 new spatial shapes: CircularString, CompoundCurve and CurvePolygon.

Consider Windows Server 2012 for SQL Server installations.
Here are some important reasons to consider Windows Server 8 as the operating system of your next SQL Server installations.

Contained Databases in SQL Server 2012.
It is a new feature in SQL Server 2012 that makes easier to move databases between instances of SQL Server.

Expired Evaluation Edition / Product Key Change.
Learn what to do when the evaluation period for your SQL Server 2012 expires or what to do to change the product key of a SQL Server instance.

Fourteen New Transact-SQL Functions and One Improved.
SQL Server 2012 brings fourteen new T-SQL functions and improved another one.

How to install SQL Server 2012.
Learn how to install a standalone instance of SQL Server 2012. Resources, recommendations, software requirements and hardware requirements, common error messages, step-by-step installation procedure.
How to install SQL Server 2012 Express Edition.
Learn how to install SQL Server 2012 Express Edition with Tools (SQL Server Management Studio). Recommendations, software requirements, step-by-step installation procedure.

How to Install SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server Core.
SQL Server can now be installed on Windows Server Core.

How to use Product Updates on SQL Server 2012.
Learn how to integrate the original SQL Server 2012 media with a cumulative update, a service pack, or both at the same time.

Migrating SQL Server databases to Azure using SSMS 2012.
Learn how to migrate SQL Server databases to a Windows Azure Database Server using SQL Server Management Studio 2012.

New User-defined Server Roles.
Starting SQL Server 2012, user-defined server roles can be created and configured with specific permissions as required by the business needs.

Restore - Timeline.
When a point-in-time restore is needed on SQL Server 2012, open the "Restore Database" dialog, and click on the "Timeline" button.

Sequence Objects.
Sequences are a new way to generate incremental sequential values that can be used for table primary keys. This article list a few benefits of sequences and shows an example.

Startup Parameters Tab.
SQL Server 2012 brings a new and easy way to configure startup options for the database engine.

The Compute Clause has been Discontinued.
Trying to use this clause on a SELECT statement will trigger syntax error message Msg 156.

Using Offset and Fetch with the Order By Clause.
Using the Offset and Fetch arguments of the Order By clause to implement a query page solution.

What is LocalDB?
What is SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB RC0?
What SQL Server components or features are installed?
Use the Discovery Report that is located on the SQL Server Installation Center.

You can use the WITH RESULT SETS option when you want to execute a stored procedure and would like to change or override the result set returned by the stored procedure.



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