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Analysis Services
CLR Integration
High Availability
Open Source
SQL Server 2008
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014
SQL Server 2016
SQL Server 2017
SQL Server 2019

Analysis Services

bulletData Profiling using SSIS
bulletHow to create an analysis services cube
bulletHow to Install Master Data Services
bulletHow to Install Master Data Services Add-in for Excel
bulletRequirements for Installing Master Data Services


bulletAlert when Azure SQL SQL Database is deleted
bulletAutomated backups for SQL Server on Azure VMs
bulletAutoscaling up the tier when a database is running out of space
bulletAzure SQL Data Warehouse Limitations.
bulletComparing Microsoft Machine Learning products.
bulletDBCC CHECKDB Integrity Checks on SQL Azure Databases
bulletDeploy Azure SQL Databases using Terraform
bulletGetting Started with Windows Azure Platform
bulletGrouping customers using Azure SQL DB Machine Learning.
bulletHow to change Server Admin password on SQL Azure
bulletHow to connect to AdventureWorks on SQL Azure using C#
bulletHow to create a Linked Server to a SQL Azure Database
bulletHow to create a new SQL Azure Server
bulletHow to create an Azure SQL Server VM using CLI
bullet How to enable Query Store on SQL Azure
bulletHow to enable the old cardinality estimator on SQL Azure
bulletHow to get the size of all Azure SQL databases.
bulletHow to install AdventureWorks database on SQL Azure
bulletHow to refresh development and test databases
bulletHow to repair the Query Store on SQL Azure Database
bullet How to restart an Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.
bulletHow to stop billing charges for a SQL Azure database
bulletHow to upgrade SQL Azure server to the latest version
bulletIdentifying individual query waits on SQL Azure Database
bulletManually remove SQL Data Sync DSS schema objects
bulletMax Sessions Azure SQL Database & Elastic Pools
bulletOpen a SQL Azure Database in Visual Studio
bulletPredicting flight arrival delay using Azure SQL Database ML.
bulletPredicting the Price of Used Cars using Azure SQL ML.
bulletQuerying AdventureWorks database on SQL Azure
bulletTemporary Tables on SQL Azure & Error 40544
bulletTroubleshooting Azure SQL Data Sync - Classic Portal
bullet Using Full-Text Search with Azure SQL Database
bulletUsing Geo-Replication for setting up database-level replication
bulletUsing SQL Azure and Power BI for creating reports.
bulletUsing SQL Azure and Tableau for creating reports.

CLR Integration

bulletEnabling CLR Integration
bulletUsing CLR Integration in SQL Server 2005

High Availability

bulletBest Practices for Clustered Environments
bulletHow many nodes exist in a SQL Server Cluster
bulletHow to set a manual failover using Database Mirroring
bulletLocation of useful log files when troubleshooting SQL Server Cluster
bullet Move Cluster Storage to a New SAN
bulletShared Drives of a SQL Failover Cluster

Open Source

bulletHow to Query a SQL Server Database from Linux
bulletHow to Query a SQL Server Database from PHP.

Performance Tuning and Optimization

bulletEnable the Lock Pages in Memory Option
bulletInformation About Resource Waits
bulletSQL Server Performance Monitor Counters are Missing
bulletSystem Stored Procedure sp_recompile  
bulletTroubleshooting I/O Bottleneck


bulletMinimum permissions required to create tables and views.
bulletPermissions required to add logins to fixed database roles.
bulletWho created/modified/deleted an object on a database?

SQL Server 2008

bullet Backup Compression Feature
bullet How to install SQL Server 2008 (Katmai) - CTP November 2007
bullet How to install SQL Server 2008 Release Candidate 0 (RC 0)
bulletHow to install SQL Server 2008 R2
bullet New Spatial Data Types
bullet Performance Data Collector
bulletPolicy Based Management - Enforcing Recovery Model Full
bullet Preventing Undesired Actions Using Policies
bullet Report Designer Preview
bullet SQL Server 2008 - New Data Types
bulletThree DMVs that arrived with SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1
bullet Transact-SQL Query Editor IntelliSense
bullet Transparent Data Encryption
bulletUpgrading One Edition To Another Edition

SQL Server 2012

bullet3 New Spatial Shapes.
bulletConsider Windows Server 2012 for SQL Server installations.
bulletContained Databases in SQL Server 2012.
bulletExpired Evaluation Edition / Product Key Change.
bulletFourteen New Transact-SQL Functions and One Improved.
bulletHow to install SQL Server 2012.
bulletHow to install SQL Server 2012 Express Edition.
bulletHow to Install SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server Core.
bulletHow to use Product Updates on SQL Server 2012.
bulletMigrating SQL Server databases to Azure using SSMS 2012.
bulletNew User-defined Server Roles.
bulletRestore - Timeline.
bulletSequence Objects.
bullet Startup Parameters Tab.
bulletThe Compute Clause has been Discontinued.
bulletUsing Offset and Fetch with the Order By Clause.
bulletWhat is LocalDB.
bulletWhat SQL Server components or features are installed?
bulletWITH RESULT SETS option.

SQL Server 2014

bulletBacking Up SQL Server Databases to Azure.
bulletBreaking Changes to LocalDB.
bulletBuffer Pool Extension.
bulletCompatibility 120 Level is not available on CTP1.
bulletCreating Indexes on a Create Table Statement.
bulletHow to install SQL Server 2014.
bulletMicrosoft SQL Server 2014 CTP1 Requirements.
bulletReFS is supported on SQL Server 2014.
bulletSSDT is not available on SQL Server 2014 CTP1.
bullet Where to Download Microsoft Report Viewer 2015 Runtime.
bulletWindows Update offers to apply SQL 2102 SP1 on SQL 2014.

SQL Server 2016

bulletHow to install SQL Server 2016.

SQL Server 2017

bulletHow to install SQL Server 2017 on Red Hat Linux
bulletHow to upgrade to SQL Server 2017.
bullet Migrating a SQL Server database from Windows to Linux.
bulletmssql-cli query tool for SQL Server on Linux.

SQL Server 2019

bulletHow to install SQL Server 2019 on a Docker container.
bulletHow to install SQL Server 2019 on Windows.
bulletWhat's New on SQL Server 2019 - Summary.


bulletBack Up the Reporting Services Encryption Key
bulletConfiguring Antivirus for MSSQL servers
bulletCreating a Linked Server to DB2
bullet Database Snapshots
bullet Determining  Server Name using T-SQL
bulletHardware Sizing Microsoft SQL Server
bulletHow to Add Features to a SQL Server Instance
bulletHow to Determine Edition and Platform of a SQL 2005 Media
bulletHow to Disable SSL on Reporting Services
bullet How to install SQL Server 2005 SP3
bulletHow to install SQL Server 2008 SP2
bulletHow to manually uninstall SQL Server
bulletHow to Manually Uninstall SQL Server Compact 4.0
bulletHow to Repair SQL Server Management Studio
bulletHow to Use a Configuration File to Install SQL Server
bulletInstalling Umbraco CMS with Microsoft SQL Server
bullet Know What Sessions Were Assigned to Each Workload Groups
bulletMicrosoft Atlanta
bulletMicrosoft products that support SQL Server Always On
bulletPorts and Protocols Used by Microsoft SQL Server 2000
bulletPorts and Protocols Used by Microsoft SQL Server 2005
bulletPorts and Protocols used by Microsoft SQL Server 2008
bulletRequired Drive Performance on a Database Server
bulletRunning SSIS packages from the Command Prompt.
bulletSide Effects of Using Trace Flags
bulletSpeed Up Insert Performance
bulletSQL Server requirements for System Center 2012
bulletSQL Server support for Data Protection Manager
bulletUsing Transact-SQL for Full-text Indexing in SQL Server 2005


bullet.Net SqlClient Data Provider: Msg 0 Level 11 State 0.
bulletA fatal error occurred while reading the input stream from the network. The session will be terminated
bulletAlter Database not allowed within multi-statement transaction.
bulletAn incompatible SQL Server version was detected.
bulletAttach Database Failed
bullet Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.
bulletAzure Data Factory / Azure SQL SqlErrorNumber=64.
bulletAzure Data Migration Service Failed to Connect.
bulletAzure SQL - The semaphore timeout period has expired.
bulletAzure SQL Database Msg 40197 Error code 40549.
bulletBackup failed for Server
bulletBackup Log is terminating abnormally.
bulletBackup to URL SQLSTATE 42000 Error 3271 Error 3013.
bulletBackups with EMC Networker Finish with Error 3041.
bulletBuffer Cache Hit Ratio Very Low.
bullet BusinessObjects: Connection or SQL sentence error: (DA0005)
bulletCannot access the specified path or file on the server.
bulletCannot alter a computed column on a table.
bulletCannot Connect to Database Master.
bulletCannot Connect to SQL Azure.
bulletCannot connect to WMI provider 0x8004100.
bulletCannot create a linked server to Oracle
bulletCannot create new connection because in manual or distributed transaction mode.
bulletCannot insert the value NULL into column.
bulletCannot install SSMS v17 on Windows 10 32-bit.
bulletCannot Kill Process with Status Suspended.
bulletCannot Launch Activity Monitor for a SQL SQL Server 2000 Instance
bulletCannot open server requested by the login.
bulletCannot Open User Default Database.
bulletCannot Resolve the Collation Conflict.
bulletCannot show requested dialog (SqlMgmt)
bullet Cannot Start SQL Server Agent Service
bulletChange of safety level not allowed
bulletChange Pending State
bulletClass Not Registered (Microsoft.SqlServer.SqlTools.VSIntegration).
bulletColumnstore is not supported in this service tier.
bulletComponent error code 0x84BB0001 System Error.
bullet Computer does not meet the minimum requirements.
bulletConfiguration system failed to initialize 0x84B10001
bulletConnection Failed - Array 28000.
bulletConversion failed when converting date and/or time
bulletCould not connect because the Maximun Number of 1 DAC Already Exists
bulletCould not connect to the report server.
bulletCould not find stored procedure sp_dboption.
bulletCould not load schema model from package.
bulletCreate Database Permission Denied.
bulletCreate Symmetric Key not supported for the targeted platform.
bulletDatabase <databasename> exists but it is unaccessible.
bulletDatabase Export Error.
bulletDatabase Mirroring Disconnected.
bulletDatabase mssqlsystemresource is being recovered.
bulletDatabase provisioning failed with exception 18456 Login failed.
bulletDetach Database Failed for Server. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)
bulletError 0x80070570 Failed to extract all files from container
bulletError 102 Create Failed for Database.
bulletError 1406 installing SQL Server Setup Support Files.
bulletError 15457 Severity 0 State 1.
bulletError 18456 Severity 14 State 123 Login Failed.
bulletError 18456 State 1 Azure SQL Managed Instance.
bulletError 19 - Physical connection is not usable.
bulletError 1935 Microsoft.VC90.MFCLOC.
bulletError 25602 storing file of XEvent on Azure Storage.
bulletError 2812 Could not find proc_ECM_CleanupChangeLog
bulletError 29503 Installing SQL Server 2005.
bulletError 29569 when trying to uninstall SQL Server 2014.
bulletError 3205 Too Many Backup Devices Specified.
bulletError 51005: The row was not inserted in the alarm_history table.
bulletError 5149 while attempting expand physical file
bulletError 7202 - Could not find server in sys.servers
bulletError Applying the Filestream Settings.
bulletError Code is 2337.
bulletError connecting BIRT report to SQL Server.
bulletError connecting to VMware vCenter Update Manager.
bulletError Creating a New Job
bulletError has occurred while opening database 'DBName'.
bulletError installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable.
bulletError Installing SCOM 2007 Database.
bulletError MsInstaller EventId 11706
bulletError on Data Protector Manager.
bulletError ORA-01017 on Oracle Database Gateway dblink.
bulletError Registering Laserfiche Repository.
bulletError Reverting a Database to a DB Snapshot.
bulletError SQL71562 Procedure has an unresolved reference.
bulletError SQL71564 Extract Data-tier Application.
bulletError SQL72014.
bulletError SQL72014 .Net SqlClient Data Provider Msg 12824.
bulletError SQL72016 Execution Timeout Expired.
bulletError Upgrading to VMM 2012 R2.
bulletError while enabling Windows feature NetFx3.
bulletEvaluation Period Has Expired.
bulletException thrown while executing SQL script.
bulletExit code (Decimal): -2068119551 Cannot find registry key.
bulletExit Message InstanceDir
bulletFailed to Create Configuration Database
bulletGeneral Database Error 9008.
bulletHow to rebuild system databases in SQL Server 2005
bulletHuge SQLAGENT.OUT log file.
bulletI/O is frozen on database.
bulletIllegal use of outer join operator.
bulletIndex Corruption.
bulletINSERT failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings.
bulletInvalid attempt to GetBytes on column.
bulletInvalid Input Trace File.
bulletInvalid object name sys.dm_db_stats_properties.
bulletInvalid Operations Manager Database Version.
bulletjTDS Exception Connection Refused.
bulletjTDS Exception - Connection Timed Out.
bulletKB955706 failed to install
bulletLicense agreement cannot be located.
bulletLinked Server Error ORA-01017
bulletLinked Server Msg -2146893044.
bulletLocalDB not supported on this OS.
bulletLog Shipping [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 14421).
bulletLogin Failed for User
bulletLogin Failed for User Error 18452
bulletLogin Failed Windows Azure SQL Database.
bulletLong Path Names to Files on SQL Server Media.
bulletMaintenance Plan Job Failed
bulletMethod not found Void
bulletMicrosoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 is not registered.
bullet Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.SetupExtension.
bulletMicrosoft SQL Server Error 950.
bulletMS DTC was unable to start
bulletMsg 102 incorrect syntax near tempdev
bulletMsg 10061 TCP Provider No connection could be made.
bulletMsg 15517 Execute as User.
bulletMsg 35321 rebuilding Columnstore Index on SQL Azure.
bulletMsg 40616 Could not import package.
bulletMsg 40636 Cannot use reserved database master.
bulletMsg 46530 External data sources are not supported.
bulletMsg 46721 Create External Data Login Failed.
bulletMsg 6522, Level 16, State 1, Line 3  ... Aggregate 'geometry'
bulletMsg 6522, Level 16, State 1, Line 3  ... Aggregate 'geometry' (2)
bulletMsg 6586 Assembly could not be installed.
bulletMsg 7399 Msg 7303 OPENROWSET.
bulletMsg 7411 Linked Server
bulletMSSQLServerADHelper Event Id 100
bullet MSSQLSERVER Event ID 3041
bulletNo Features Selected for Upgrade
bulletNot a Valid Database File Header.
bulletNot a valid login name in this version of SQL Server.
bulletODBC Error Installing VMware vSphere.
bulletOperation completed with provisioning state canceled.
bulletORA-00904 Invalid Identifier.
bulletORA-00911 Invalid Character.
bulletORA-12545 Connection failed because target host or object does not exist.
bulletORA-12704 character set mismatch.
bulletORA-28500 connection from ORACLE to non-Oracle system.
bulletOracle JRE 7 Update 51 (64-Bit) or higher is required.
bulletPause Database Error.
bulletPerflib. Event Id: 1023.
bulletPermissions needed to create new DB account.
bulletPrerequisites of SQL Server 2016 MDS Add-in not installed
bulletProperty IsLocked is not available for login
bulletProperty Owner is not available for Database.
bulletPurge job history failed for JobServer
bulletRecord Retrieval Error ConnectionRead.
bulletReplica is inconsistent.
bulletReport models cannot be uploaded to SSRS 2016.
bullet Report Server has encountered a SharePoint error.
bulletReporting Services Catalog Error
bulletRequest couldn't be performed because of an IO device error.
bulletRequired permissions needed to install vCenter Server.
bulletRestart Computer Failed
bulletRestore failed for Server
bulletRestore failed Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.RelationalEngineTasks
bulletRsFxConfiguration service rsfx0310.
bulletRule Windows PowerShell Failed
bulletRule Same Architecture Installation failed.
bulletSaving Changes Is Not Permitted
bulletScale database error.
bulletService Broker Error 28054
bulletSet property devices to accomplish this action
bulletSharePoint cannot connect to SQL Server - Event 3355.
bulletSharePoint Out Of Memory.
bulletSQLBrowser Event Id 3
bulletSQL Agent Data Sync cannot be removed.
bulletSQL Azure Data Sync Failed Error Code -2146232060.
bulletSQL Backup to URL A nonrecoverable I/O error occurred.
bulletSQL Common Language Runtime is not enabled on the server.
bulletSQL Server 2008 setup requires .NET Framework
bulletSQL Server 2016 Bcp SQLState IM002 NativeError 0.
bulletSQL Server 2017 Dump RaiseInconsistencyError 0x5ed.
bulletSQL Server 2019 scalar function generates dump.
bulletSQL Server Agent error code 0x5 Error 15404
bulletSQL Server Data Tools package did not load correctly.
bulletSQL Server encountered error 0x80070218
bulletSQL Server Express 4 GB Limit
bulletSQL Server has encountered occurrences of cachestore flush
bulletSQL Server installation failed with Exit code -2068054016.
bulletSQL Server Migration Assistant - Timeout Expired.
bulletSQL Server Notification - Low Virtual Memory.
bulletSQL Server Resource Group Failed
bulletSQL Server security mode.
bulletSQL Server Setup cannot install files
bulletSQL Server Setup Error code 0x84B20001
bulletSQL Server setup media does not support the language
bulletSQL Server Setup Rules Failed.
bulletSQL Server version is not supported by SCOM 2012.
bulletSSIS Error 0x80004005 Invalid object name.
bulletSSIS Error 0x80004005 Violation of Primary Key Constraint.
bulletSSMS 17.0 crashes while installing Event Name CLR20r3.
bulletSSMS Error 1321 Installer has insufficient privileges.
bulletSSMS Error inserting data into table Error 4815.
bullet SSMS This backend version is not supported to design.
bulletSSPI handshake failed
bulletStarting Up Database
bullet Subscriber does not satisfy version compatibility
bulletSuccessful Installation SP3 not Applied on Server
bulletTF254027: You must correct all errors.
bulletThe account for PolyBase Engine service is not allowed.
bulletThe AcquireConnection method failed 0xC001404.
bulletThe automatically saved settings file cannot be found
bulletThe conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value
bulletThe Media Family on Device is Incorrectly Formed
bulletThe Operating System Returned Error 21
bulletThe Proactive Caching feature is not included.
bulletThe Project Cannot Be Debugged.
bulletThe resource governor is not available
bulletThe server version is not supported
bulletThe specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch
bulletThe SQLBrowser service was unable to establish Analysis Services discovery
bulletThe system cannot find the file specified.
bulletThe Transaction Manager is not available
bulletThere are validation  errors on this page
bulletThis Recordset Is Not Updatable.
bulletTransient database snapshot has been marked suspect
bulletTry_convert is not a recognized function.
bulletUnable to connect to the VMM database.
bulletUnable to get information from SQL Server.
bulletUnable to modify table
bulletUnspecified Error
bulletUsing dbghelp.dll version 4.0.5.
bulletValidation errors in the source server.
bulletVMM 2012 SP1 Setup Wizard closes unexpectedly.
bulletw3wp.exe (0x1B08).
bulletWait on the Database Engine recovery handle failed.
bulletWarning - The For Each File enumerator is empty.
bulletWarning Server Agents Event Id 1123.
bulletWarning Setup Limited to Reporting Services for SharePoint.
bulletWarning SQLSERVERAGENT Event ID 208
bulletWarning SysmonLog Event ID 2059.




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