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Manually remove SQL Data Sync DSS schema objects



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Manually remove SQL Data Sync DSS schema objects.


Date created: August 25, 2018.

When Azure users are not able to make SQL Data Sync stop saying "in progress" or when users cannot make SQL Data Sync work, usually they decide to clean up things and try a fresh SQL Data Sync installation.

Most users don't know a deprovision tool exist. Under the "C:\program files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Azure Data Sync" directory you should find an utility named deprovisionUtil.exe. That tool can be run with the /F switch to remove the DSS schema and objects installed by SQL Data Sync.

If you came to know about the deprovision tool too late and you started to manually uninstall Azure SQL Data Sync objects already, it is very probable you have left some remnants that won't allow you to configure SQL Data Sync successfully again. Those remnants may also create issues when importing an Azure SQL database on an on-premises SQL Server instance.

For those who started a manual clean up of Azure SQL Data Sync, the Data Sync Metadata Cleanup created by Vitor Tomaz (MSFT) may help.

If the Data Sync Metadata Cleanup script does not help, then consider creating a support ticket, Azure support may need to provide you a complete cleanup script.




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