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How to restart an Azure SQL Database Managed Instance



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How to restart an Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

Date created: April 11, 2021.

What is needed?

On SQL Server instances you can use SQL Server Configuration Manager or SQL Server Management Studio to restart the database engine service. This applies to SQL Server instances on premises or installed on an Azure VM (IaaS).

For Azure SQL Database Managed Instances (PaaS) you don't have those options available. SQL Server Configuration Manager does not exist on Azure SQL Managed Instance as we know it on SQL Server. Similarly, you cannot restart the database engine service using SQL Server Management Studio because the option to do that is grayed out when  you are connected to an Azure Managed Instance. In addition, you don't have an option on Azure Portal to restart or start/stop the instance.


Provide your feedback to Microsoft.

If you would like to let Microsoft Azure know that an option on Azure Portal or on SQL Server Management Studio is needed to stop/start/restart the database engine service on Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, you can vote here for this feature to be included on Azure SQL team roadmap.


What options you have available at the present to achieve the same?

Scaling the instance sometimes (or perhaps always) restarts it. If that doesn't work, moving between hardware generations, between Gen4 and Gen5, will also restart the instance. If you scale up or down the instance between Business Critical and General Purpose that will also require a restart as the storage is different between both options.

In summary, scaling up and down the instance should do the trick for you.




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