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Azure SQL - Hardware Sizing - Capacity Planning



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Azure SQL - Hardware Sizing - Capacity Planning.

Date created: September 28, 2023.


When you plan to migrate a particular particular data source located on-premises or on Azure IaaS, how to know what is the recommended service tier or SKU on Azure SQL?


The following tools may help you answer that question:


bulletThe Azure Data Migration Assistant tool has a SKU or service tier recommendation feature that allows you to both collect performance data from your source SQL Server instances hosting your databases, and recommends minimum Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, or SQL Server on Azure VM SKU based on the data collected. The feature provides recommendations related to pricing tier, compute level, and data size. This functionality is currently available only via the Command Line Interface (CLI).
bulletIn addition, the Azure SQL Migration extension for Azure Data Studio helps you to assess your database requirements, get the right-sized SKU recommendations for Azure resources, and migrate your SQL Server database to Azure. This documentation helps you to learn how to collect performance data from your source SQL Server instance to get right-sized Azure recommendations for your Azure SQL targets, including Azure SQL Database and Azure Managed Instance.


But what about right-sizing an existent Azure SQL or Azure SQL Managed Instance workload?


bulletYou can make use of Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework to optimize costs. Read here for more details.
bulletPlease consider to capture over time the output of the sys.dm_db_resource_stats Management View and analyze it to identify patterns on resource consumption. If you see that at all hours all days of the week the resource consumption are low, then proceed to scale down the database. If you identify different patterns of consumption (for example different consumption during business hours, on week days at night, on weekends another pattern, on holidays another one) then use Azure Automation to schedule the scale up or down of the database as needed to reduce costs.
bulletYou should also consider using some tips for Azure SQL Managed Instance to save on costs like the new start-stop feature, try new hardware generations with more RAM available for the same price, making use of the Azure Hybrid Benefit, make use of reservations and make use of free licenses for geo-disaster recovery.




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