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Transparent Data Encryption



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Transparent Data Encryption

Applies: SQL Server 2008 (Katmai) CTP November 2007, SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition

SQL Server 2005 provides ways to encrypt pieces of data (views, UDFs, stored procedures and triggers), but now SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition allows to encrypt data at the database level, and that feature is called Transparent Data Encryption.

With Transparent Data Encryption all files of a database are encrypted without the need for application changes.

Benefits of Transparent Data Encryption.

Some benefits of Transparent Data Encryption:

bullet It provides the ability to comply with many regulatory requirements
bullet Simple and elegant
bullet A strong mechanism to secure sensitive information
bullet Transparent. Changes to programming applications are not required.

Q & A.

What happen if you need to restore or detach/attach an encrypted database on a different server or instance?

The certificate that was used to encrypt the database encryption key must be available. Otherwise, the operation will fail.


Using Transparent Data Encryption.


The following example illustrates encrypting a test database using a certificate installed on the server named MorilloCert.

First,  let's create a database on which to apply encryption.



Now, let's open the query editor and encrypt the database.



Finally, let's find the state of the database encryption.



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