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What's New on SQL Server 2019 - Summary



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What's New on SQL Server 2019 - Summary.

Applies to: SQL Server 2019.

Information provided by Microsoft Managers (Vicky Harp, Amit Banerjee, Travis Wright) on September 18, 2018.

Below you will find features expected on SQL Server 2019 at the time of GA:


bulletIndustry-leading performance.
bullet Intelligent Query Processing suite builds on hands-free performance tuning features of Adaptive Query Processing
bulletPersistent Memory Support for new, optimized I/O path
bulletLightweight query profiling infrastructure is now enabled by default.
bulletMission-critical availability - Keeping SQL Server Running.
bulletAlways On Availability Groups have been enhanced to include automatic redirection of connections based on read/write intent.
bulletSQL Server Always On Availability Groups will support up to 5 synchronous replicas High Availability and Disaster Recovery support with Kubernetes.
bulletEnhancing the capability of resumable online index rebuild by allowing you to restart from the last point it was paused or failed.
bulletColumnstore indexes can now be created and rebuilt online.
bulletSQL Server Machine Learning Services will now support clustering.
bulletContinued improvements to SQL Server on Linux.
bulletIntroducing SQL Server Replication, Distributed Transaction Support, Machine Learning Services.
bulletIndustry leading security.
bulletExtending separation of duties on the same machine using Always Encrypted through Secure Enclaves.
bulletAbility to implementing GDPR compliance using data discovery and classification with auditing support.
bulletEase of Administration.
bulletUTF-8 support which lead to 50% savings in storage for character data.
bulletCertificate management is now integrated into the SQL Server Configuration Manager.
bulletDatabase scoped configuration setting for online and resumable DDL operations.
bulletChoice of language and platform.
bulletAdditional language extensibility by using Java.
bulletNumerous SQL Graph Enhancements.
bulletConnectors for Data Virtualization across external data including Oracle, Teradata and Mongo DB (Polybase v2).
bulletMachine Learning Services on Linux.
bulletCertified RHEL image for SQL Server




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