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Backup Reporting Services Encryption Key



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Backup Reporting Services Encryption Key

Applies to: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition SP2, Team Foundation Server 2010.

Working on a project I was assigned the task to create jobs for backing up the databases of a single-server deployment of Team Foundation Server (TFS), but then I visited MSDN Web site before starting creating the jobs and found an article explaining that not only I have to backup the databases, but also synchronize them to the same point in time and backup the Reporting Services Encryption Key, if the deployment of TFS uses SQL Server Reporting Services.

The following procedure illustrates how to back up the encryption key using Reporting Services Configuration Tool:

1. On the server that is running Reporting Services, open the Reporting Services Configuration Manager tool.

2. Once the Report Server Installation Instance Selection dialog box opens, type the name of the server and instance name where the report server is located, and the click "Connect".

3. Once the Reporting Services Configuration Manager opens, click on "Encryption Keys" on the left side of the dialog.


4. Click on the "Backup" button.

5. Once the "Backup Encryption Key" dialog opens, specify the location where you want to store a copy of this encryption key on the "File Location:" field. Then, provide a password for the backup file on the "Password:" field and provide the password again on the next field confirm it. Click on the "OK" button, when finish.

If you click on the ellipsis button, the following dialog will appear to specify the location.

At the bottom of the Reporting Services Configuration Manager dialog you will find the results of the backup procedure.


Back Up Team Foundation Server.

Back Up the Reporting Services Encryption Key.



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