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SQLBrowser Event Id 9



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The SQLBrowser service was unable to establish Analysis Services discovery

Applies to: Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Error Message.

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: SQLBrowser
Event Category: None
Event ID: 9
Date: 10/15/2007
Time: 4:16:22 PM
User: N/A
Computer: SQLSRV
The SQLBrowser service was unable to establish Analysis Services discovery.


Problem Description.

We were trying to assign a new service account to SQLBrowser service with the less privileges possible.

The new service account had the following rights and privileges:
- act as a part of the operating system
- bypass traverse checking
- log on as a service
- replace a process level token
- adjust memory quotas for a process
- create global objects
- impersonate a client after authentication

Once we have changed the service account for the SQLBrowser service, every time the server is restarted the application Log in Event Viewer shows the warning described above.

For other possible causes of this warning, please visit the following link:



SQL Server Browser service should be running under an account with administrator rights on the local computer such as the local system account. To accomplish this, you can use either SQL Server Configuration Manager or Computer Management or Administrative Tools\Services.

You should not run the SQL Server Browser service under the Local Service or Network Services accounts.

Also, make sure that the SQL Server Analysis Services is using the local system account as the service account.




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