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Long Path Names to Files on SQL Server Media



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Long Path Names to Files on SQL Server Media.

Applies to: SQL Server 2014 Express Edition.

Problem Description.

One of my students downloaded SQL Server 2014 Express Edition media and placed it on the desktop of his computer. Then he proceeded to run SQL Server setup from there. On the Global Rules page of SQL Server setup, the following rule failed and he was not able to continue SQL Server installation:

Global Rules
Long path names to files on SQL Server installation media (failed).



This rule fails when SQL Server installation media is located on a long network path or a long local path (on the computer) composed of many subdirectories or directories that have long names, and this long path is not supported by SQL Server setup program.


Reduce the length of the path or make the path shorter.

I suggested the student to copy the folder on his Windows desktop where the SQL Server media was located to the root of the C drive and install from there. After he copied the media, the media was located at C:\SQLMedia folder. The student was then able to install SQL Server successfully.




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