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The Proactive Caching feature is not included



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The Proactive Caching feature is not included.

Applies to: SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition.

Problem Description.

One of my students set the storage mode of a newly create dimension and on the Dimension Storage Settings dialog box, she selected Custom Settings and then selected the checkbox for "Enable Proactive Caching" to make SSAS rebuilds the dimension when the source data changes. However, when she processed the dimension the following error appeared.

Errors related to feature availability and configuration: the 'Proactive Caching feature' is not included in the '64 Bit Standard' edition of Analysis Services.



Based on the following MSDN article, the Proactive Caching feature is not supported on SQL Server 2012 Standard, which is the version the student had installed.

Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2012 [BI Semantic Model (Multidimensional)]

Only SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition and Business Intelligence editions support the Proactive Caching feature.


One possible solution should be to upgrade to SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition or Business Intelligence editions, if Proactive Caching is really needed. Performing an edition upgrade, as explained on the following article, may be a smooth way to upgrade to one of those two editions.

Upgrade to a Different Edition of SQL Server 2012 (Setup).




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