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Warning - The For Each File enumerator is empty



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Warning - The For Each File enumerator is empty.

Applies to: SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition, SQL Server Data Tools 2012.

Problem Description.

While running a SSIS package of the "SSIS Tutorial: Creating a Simple ETL Package", I received the following error message:

I make a right click on the selected message and chose to copy the message on text format. I pasted the message in Notepad and found a more descriptive error message.

Warning: The For Each File enumerator is empty. The For Each File enumerator did not find any files that matched the file pattern, or specified directory was empty.


As you can read on above error message, it states that the folder specified on the Enumerator configuration section of the Foreach loop does not have files that meet the file pattern you specified on the Foreach loop.


Edit the Foreach loop container as shown below.

Once the Foreach loop editor is open, make sure you provide the appropriate folder that contains all the files that will be processed, and make sure the file pattern is correct.




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