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SQLl Azure Data Sync Failed Error Code -2146232060



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SQL Azure Data Sync Failed Error Code -2146232060.

Applies to: Azure SQL Databases.

Problem Description.

A user had an on-premises SQL database and he wanted to sync with his Azure SQL Database and SQL Azure Data Sync kept throwing an error message each time a sync was attempted. age.

"Sync failed with the exception "GetStatus failed with exception:Sync worker failed, checked by GetStatus method. Failure details:SqlException Error Code: -2146232060 - SqlError Number:3952, Message: Snapshot isolation transaction failed accessing database 'XXXXX(My Azure Database Name)' because snapshot isolation is not allowed in this database. Use ALTER DATABASE to allow snapshot isolation. " For more information, provide tracing ID b7e64cf2-825c-4ae1-8093-2e1191acb6a7 to customer support."



Read committed snapshot isolation is the default isolation level on SQL Azure. You cannot change the default isolation level.

SQL Data Sync is trying to enable on SQL Azure database the same isolation level your database has on premises, but it is not possible to change the isolation level of a SQL Azure database. That is the reason the SQL Data Sync process will fail.

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