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Azure SQL - The semaphore timeout period has expired



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Azure SQL - The semaphore timeout period has expired.

Applies to: Azure SQL Database (PaaS)

Date created: April 11, 2021.

Problem Description.

When using SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) to connect to an Azure SQL Database you keep getting error "The semaphore timeout period has expired."

You changed the connection time out to 60 seconds, but you keep getting the error.

What else you can do?



Do you use a VPN to get connected to your organization? Maybe the issue happens only when you are connected or disconnected from the corporate VPN. You may be able to see the error goes away when you are disconnected from the corporate VPN.

Please compare the network adapter settings in your computer with network adapters of other computers in your organization. A driver update may have changed settings.

The issue could also be related to a corporate firewall that may be blocking the traffic. Please try to connect from another network entirely. Make sure port TCP1433 is not blocked. If you are using Windows Firewall make sure you configure it to allow SQL Server access as explained here.

Open SSMS, make a click on the "Options" button an specify a default database other than the master database. Maybe the login does not have permissions to access the master database.

Verify network latency in your network.




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