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mssql-cli query tool for SQL Server on Linux



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mssql-cli query tool for SQL Server on Linux.

Applies to: SQL Server 2017, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.3.

mssql-cli is an interactive Transact-SQL query tool which includes features such as auto-completion and syntax highlighting. On this article we are showing how to install it and how to start using it.


Software Requirements.

Python is a requirement. Python is already part of Linux as you can see on below image. python -v returned version 2.7.5 was already installed.



Pip, the package installer, is also a requirement. Pip is a tool for installing and managing Python packages and mssql-cli is installed using pip. Let's install pip with get-pip.py.


mssql-cli installation.

Once pip is installed, we can install mssql-cli as shown on the next image.

Now, let's install the libunwind library needed by mssql-cli.

The library was installed successfully. We are now ready to test mssql-cli now. Let's connect to the local database server where we have the Northwind sample database attached.


Testing the auto-complete (similar to intellisense) feature provided by the command line tool.

Below we are showing the results of the query.

Now let's exit from the tool.




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