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Azure SQL Data Warehouse / Hybrid Data Solutions and Scenarios / SQL Azure Databases.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse Limitations.
The article contains some current limitations of Azure SQL Data Warehouse and changes of behavior of instructions/features on Azure SQL Data Warehouse compared with SQL Server.

Hybrid Data Solutions and Scenarios.

Backing Up SQL Server Databases to Azure.
Learn how to backup SQL Server databases to a Window Azure BLOB Storage and take advantage of the hybrid cloud capabilities of SQL Server 2014.

Getting Started with Windows Azure Platform
Learn about SQL Azure, some of its benefits and limitations. Learn how to create a Windows Azure Platform account and subscribe to services.

SQL Azure Databases.

DBCC CHECKDB Integrity Checks on SQL Azure Databases
Do SQL Azure Database customers need to perform regular integrity checks using DBCC CHECKDB?

How to connect to AdventureWorks on SQL Azure using C#
Learn how to connect to an AdventureWorks sample database installed on SQL Azure server using Visual C#.
How to create a Linked Server to a SQL Azure Database
Learn how to create a linked server to SQL Azure Database on a SQL Server 2016 instance.

How to create a new SQL Azure Server
Learn how to create a new Azure SQL Database server.

How to enable Query Store on SQL Azure
Learn how to enable on a SQL Azure database to help query performance troubleshooting.

How to enable the old cardinality estimator on SQL Azure
Know how enable the legacy cardinality estimator on SQL Azure Database at the database level and at the query level.

How to install AdventureWorks database on SQL Azure
Learn how to install AdventureWorksLT database on a previously created SQL Azure Database server.

How to stop billing charges for a SQL Azure database
Learn how to stop billing charges for an unneeded, unused or infrequently used SQL Azure database.

How to upgrade SQL Azure server to the latest version
Learn how to upgrade an Azure SQL Database server to the latest SQL Azure database version.

Identifying individual query waits on SQL Azure Database
Learn three easy ways to identify query waits for individual queries on a SQL Azure Database.

Open a SQL Azure Database in Visual Studio
Learn how to open a SQL Azure Database on Visual Studio 2015 from within Azure portal.

Querying AdventureWorks database on SQL Azure
Learn how to query an AdventureWorks sample database installed on SQL Azure server using Visual C#.

Temporary Tables on SQL Azure & Error 40544
Changes on behavior on temporary tables on SQL Azure Databases and what to do when Error 40544 appears.

Troubleshooting Azure SQL Data Sync - Classic Portal
Learn how to troubleshoot most common issues with Azure SQL Data Sync and what is not supported by Azure SQL Data Sync.

Using Geo-Replication for setting up database-level replication
Learn how to configure database database-level replication for SQL Azure databases.






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